I love going fast. On land, air or water speed creates so much adrenaline and energy. My problem is I expect the same for my life and work. More specifically I have discovered that forward movement in a work environment can not only be challenging but exhausting. It appears today we have so much research on the topics of leadership that we get overwhelmed. It’s like looking at the gauges in an airplane cockpit — it becomes too complex.

Newton’s first law of motion states that “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” Newton presents a universal rule that I believe applies to our leadership in the workplace.

I have experienced that when I desire to see growth or movement in our organization. I must exert some force that begins the motion. I have discovered that this happens best when I create spaces where I can interact with people with a new idea. This is best done when it is raw and “whiteboard brainstorming” because it will draw them into the idea. By drawing them in, the motion begins. I might not even have all the details, implementation plan, structure or timing complete, but it will only draw movement from those who are skilled in those areas. To say it another way, I begin to move our organization by moving myself into spaces that are discussing growth.
When I look at the teachings of Jesus I am struck with his strategic methods of movement. His teaching was short and created much tension. He asked his disciples to walk with him and thus created life spaces to train them on moving the cause forward. He did not organize like we understand it. He did not leave many details or specific instructions on how to build and grow a church. Jesus just moved forward and caused a profound divine reaction of redemptive force for the entire world. Jesus calls us to move.

Start moving.