I recently had the invitation to travel to the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada and spend a week in a canoe. Quetico is one of the most rugged remote wilderness parks in the world that promises spectacular views in the vast 1,180,000 acres. The five of us loaded up at the outfitters, jumped in the canoes and I was then handed a paddle. I had not thought much about the paddle and the work I would put in that week but I soon realized a simple reality. We paddle and we move.

When we move we are not stuck and will be in a new place. A new view. I find it surprising today to see how many times we desire a destination but are paralyzed by fear, doubt and insecurity. I am no expert at paddling but just putting your paddle in the water and learning along the way is a great step.

After six days we had paddled over 70 miles and drank in breathtaking views every day. You can experience new destinations.

Where are you just sitting? Not moving? The view never changing? Is it at home, work, church, your soul? Wherever you are just start to paddle.

So no matter what your task is, work hard. Colossians 3.23 [The Voice]