Our family loves art. We are all fans of any type of visual expression that moves us from where we are emotionally or intellectually. My wife created this “TRANSPARENT JESUS” for Good Friday this year that caused me to ask,  just how transparent was Jesus? And how transparent are we to be?

To be Transparent means to be honest and open : not secretive.  Jesus was vulnerable and perfectly honest but he didn’t tell everything. In John 16.12 jesus said to his disciples “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. Jesus held truth from us because we could not handle it. I remember the early years of our marriage and having the “bills” conversation with my wife. Our stress was high and the conversation was heavy about our future. Imagine if I had pulled one of our daughters at 5 years old and shared with her the truth about our uncertainty of paying our bills. Then think of her reaction when I told her what might happen if we could not pay the bills. Do you think she could handle it?  I believe that we can be honest and transparent and not share everything. Somethings are not meant for others to bear.